Practical Tips for Sugar Babies Who Are Dating Older Sugar Daddies

Dating Older Sugar Daddy

My name is Ruby and I’ m a sugar baby, dating a sugar daddy who is 20 years my senior. Although I have carried myself well and always act more mature and wise than my actual age, I can’t say we haven’t gotten the looks from others who notice the age gap between us. In the beginning, this bothered me. However, today, I just brush the stares off with smiles.

Do you find yourself suffering from the stares and gasps from dating an older sugar daddy? How can you address the age difference and be successful with your sugar daddy dating experience?

Give Yourself Reminders Why You’re Dating Them

A sugar daddy relationship isn’t conventional, but that’s okay if you like dating who you’re dating. There’s a reason women get involved with the sugar daddy dating world – they are curious about it. They know it’s a way to supplement their lifestyle or get ahead in their career, etc. If you remind yourself why you got involved with the world, you’ll know the decision wasn’t made haphazardly. This can be a powerful reminder when you get dirty stares when you’re out in public.

Talk About The Issue With Your Daddy

Sugar daddies will know when you’re uncomfortable, and they’ll ask you what’s wrong. You certainly don’t want to get into a long conversation about the matter during that particular time, but you should mention it at another time. Let them know how you felt about the matter and determine if the arrangement is still right for you both.

It’s important that you and your sugar daddy are on the same wavelength and talking about matters that ensure success. My sugar daddy and I spoke about these feelings, and it allowed us to remember why we were together in the first place. We know there’s a mutually beneficial reason for us to be together, and that was enough for me.