Tips to Make Your Secret Arrangement Relationship Last

Seeking Arrangement Relationship

You’ve gone out with a sugar daddy that you have real chemistry with. How do you make it become mutually beneficial to both of you? This is where your communication skills and behavior come in handy – they will help to land a successful long-term sugar daddy dating relationship. And, to maintain that relationship, there are few things to keep in mind.

Act Like A Lady - Since the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is 8 to 1, you need to stay on top of your game – your best at all times. You need to look good at all times – dress to kill. You need to have some personality that strikes a sugar daddy’s attention. Be sure, when you’re out in public, to act like a lady. Put your napkin in your lap, don’t consume a lot of alcohol, use the right forks for the meal and be mindful of how you speak.

Your public etiquette will speak wonders.

Stay Flexible and Appreciate Your Sugar Daddy - If you have something in mind that you’d like to have, you need to have some flexibility with your expectations and allowance. If you sugar daddy has more than one sugar baby, he’s not going to spend all his money on you. You’re going to have to share. If he gives you more money for something, let him know that you appreciate it. Manners can go a long way.

Avoiding Getting Greedy - Again, if you want something, you’ll get it faster if you’re not greedy. Be patient with your asking for favors. Many sugar daddies tend to dote more on the sugar babies who don’t ask for much. You should also avoid making the arrangement all about money if you want to make it last. If your sugar daddy feels you’re just in it for his money and not his time and companionship, you’ll eventually be looking for another sugar daddy.

Show Maturity When Asking For Something - It’s important that you're honest about the things you want – assistance with bills, a new dress, etc. However, when you’re asking for this item, you need to show some maturity. Explain why you’d like to have it in great detail. Have a rational conversation regarding your needs – don’t be so demanding.

This goes for asking for your allowance. Address the needs you have, being honest with them. Don’t bring up the topic of money the first time you get together. Allow time to break that ice. If you wonder when the right time is, just think how you’d feel if someone was asking you for money. When there is mutual respect, the chances of a long-term sugar daddy dating relationship is much higher.