Sugar Baby Shares Her First Arrangement Experience

Mutual Arrangement Story

Is it possible to think of every detail of the first arrangement I had with my sugar daddy? Normally you might think it is impossible, but I clearly remember everything about my first date with him. We met each other on an arrangement website, do you want to know what happened with the first arrangement with him?

As I said, I met him on a dating site, which was designed specifically for arrangement dating. We first chatted on the website for a while, because we didn’t live far away, and then decided to meet and have dinner together. We talked about a lot of topics and things that interested both of us, and also talked about the specific details of our arrangement relationship, so we were sure we had the same understanding of the relationship we had. Everything went very well. After dinner, we went to his home. The house was very beautiful and had a separate swimming pool. We swam together and continued talking. What you don't believe is that we didn't have anything physical happened that night, both of us thought it was just our first date, we didn’t want to rush things.

What happened after that?

Unbelievably, I couldn’t reach him anymore, and his offline on the arrangement site. To be honest, I was a little angry and upset. After all, I felt that we got along very well for the first time, how could he just disappear without noting me? He was a bit shy but still cute man. It was not until a few weeks later that I received his message from the website. He said that he was too busy with work, so he had to be offline for a long time. The company had a lot of important things that he needed to deal with because he was the technology director at that company. This also made me realize why these men want to choose secret arrangements dating, because they really don't have time for a traditional relationship. If I was her girlfriend, I would definitely break up with him. Fortunately, what we had was a secret arrangement, and everything is fixed in an agreement in advance.

After we had dated each other for a few weeks, he also told me the exact time when I could go to his place because he was busy with work. During the time I was dating him, he paid me $800 a week, and we actually met once a week. However, I feel that the sugar baby allowance was still not enough. After the negotiation, he decided to pay $1,000 for a date each time after then.

I still remembered that one time he got sick, and he contacted me by phone. We were talking and watching movies at his home. I found that he was quite lonely although he was so rich and successful. No one could understand his efforts to his career and how important it was. When he was sick, no one would accompany him. Both of us felt that it was very pleasant to get along with, and there is no pressure and commitment, we are more like friends with secret benefits.

What can be told from my story?

I have learned from this experience what kind of man the sugar daddy is. They are successful but busy, and mostly they just want to find someone to accompany them, but make sure you do not bring them troubles. At the same time, as a sugar baby, not only can I get financial help from them, but I also have learned a lot of valuable knowledge in life and career when dating them. In general, this mutually beneficial agreement is a wonderful experience and worthwhile for all of us.