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Basically, is a platform for wealthy men to seek arrangements with young women, wherein they provide a certain monthly allowance or gift allowance, in exchange for companionship, or maybe just a few dates.

As a guy, you’d know how hard it is to directly approach a young lady you’re attracted to in a bar and ask her if she would be willing to date you in exchange for a financial arrangement. That could even get you arrested! It’s much safer and far easier to propose women online for a mutually beneficial relationship, through sites such as SecretBenefits.

But as we said, there are many other “seeking arrangement” sites like this; is there anything that sets Secrets Benefits apart? Yes,this arrangement site has different membership and payments system.

Membership and Payment

For one, we like the unique SecretBenefits payment system. This is a paid service only, which means you can browse through the site with a free membership, but you can’t really do much beyond that.

The messaging option will be made available to you only if you sign up for one of the price plans. Nothing new in that – there are many pay to play dating sites like that, you may say. But what sets SecretBenefits apart is that the payment system is based on credits.

So you can buy a specific number of credits if you would like to communicate with someone you’re attracted to on the site. If you want to see their photos and videos, then you have to buy more credits. Once you buy a bunch of credits, they will remain in your account for as long as you like, until you use them for something.

So if you purchase 10 credits, you can send as many messages as you like to any sugar baby of your choice, and have access to her private photo album.

Now, you may ask, why to pay for the privilege of chat messaging a sugar baby or seeing her private photo album. You can, after all, do the same on many other dating sites for free.

Remember, this is a sugar daddy dating site: Sugar daddies are supposed to be rich and successful men for who such expenses mean nothing. Indeed, buying 10 credits on this site costs less than buying a cup of Cappuccino at Starbucks – But what it does is to separate the serious sugar daddies from the non-serious time wasters.

How Safe and Secure is SecretBenefits?

Quite secure – It has a very strict privacy policy and does not share or sell any data they collect from their members to third-parties, whoever they may be. Your personal information will only be made available to other SecretBenefits members who log into the site. Also, the site uses a sophisticated SSL protocol for security encryption, this is as solid as it gets. Check out their privacy policy to know more.

Final Verdict

It is very easy to sign-up for SecretBenefits. The whole sign-up process takes up a minute or so. But how you build your profile on the site and how well you make use of its features and benefits is entirely up to you.

It is also very important that you take proper safety precautions when interacting with other members on the site. Check out the SecretBenefits safe dating tips for more on this.

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