What You Should Expect From Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

Arrangement Expectation

People’s expectations from a mutually beneficial arrangement differ. However, this is understandable, after all, our wants are also not the same. Some are in it for the money, and others for the fun and the adventure. It could also mean an avenue to have some good sex or a unique and fulfilling friendship.

No doubt, seeking arrangements still work. In fact, it is an easy and safe avenue for most young ladies to get a wide range of great things – most of which they cannot afford on their own or get from somewhere else. For the sugar daddies involved, their gains include having a quality time with a smart, lively, and engaging women that showers on them genuine and generous affections.

How Do You Set Your Expectations and Limits?

Not all arrangement goes according to plan; some go south. Hence, it is important that you put necessary measures in place to ensure that you get what the compensation you deserve without compromising your safety. Looks can be deceiving; that a man appears or behaves exceptionally great online doesn’t mean they will treat you well in person. So, it is important that you protect yourself and your interest at all times.

To get this done, you must be ready to combine your personal abilities and skills with your interests. You also need to know how generous or rich your sugar daddy is, and what his expectations are from you. As the sugar baby, you should always be in charge. Hence, you decide how the date pans out – the venue, time, and the activities. You will most likely end up with a sugar daddy that is a bit older and financially secure, if not rich. The basic intent is to spend time with you. However, you can further define this mutually beneficial arrangement to suit you and your interest by getting clear answers to the questions below:

  1. How much time can you devote to your sugar daddy?
  2. Do you prefer to meet with one man or multiple men?
  3. What are your expectations as per compensation and how do you want to get them?
  4. What is included – personal time at home, dates to parties and events, or holiday trips?
  5. Is the arrangement strictly platonic or sexual intimacy is involved?

Understanding the Expectations of Your Sugar Daddy

What each man wants out of a mutually beneficial arrangement is different. It is your responsibility to clearly understand what his expectations are, and be clear if you are comfortable with such expectations or not. Do not proceed if such expectations take away the fun, safety, and other mutual benefits. You can understand his expectations by asking these questions:

  1. How often do you want to see me?
  2. What kind of activities do we engage in – personal time at home, fancy dinners, special events, corporate parties, or any other activities?
  3. Do you want a strictly platonic meeting or one involving physical intimacy?
  4. How much will my sugar baby allowance be? How is it calculated and paid? It is important to be clear about the money part before the meet-up to avoid issues later.

The ideal sugar baby – sugar daddy arrangement should improve the lifestyle of both parties. The sugar daddy will be enjoying the company of a beautiful younger woman, who will add more fun to his lifestyle. The sugar baby, on the other hand, gets rewarded by the rich man for her efforts through expensive treats and experiences. While at it, be flexible and open to compromise, more importantly, have as much fun as possible.