Here Is How to Receive Sugar Baby Allowance for Your Arrangement

Being a sugar baby comes with a lot of benefits – adventure, fun, exposure – but the most important of them all is money. It is common and absolutely normal for sugar babies to seek sugar daddies capable of paying their bills. You go on dates with these rich men and you get compensated (in cash). It is even more lucrative if you know how to convince your potential sugar daddy as the best he could ever find, then, he wouldn’t mind how much it will cost to have such a beautiful young lady like you by his side.

Having agreed that money is the biggest reward, the next question is how do you get paid? There are two options here – periodic payment and one-time payment. A one-time payment is simply an amount of money, or compensation for every outing or time spent with your sugar daddy, or a special gift. Periodic payments, on the other hand, can be continuous payments paid to you within a specified period, i.e. monthly or weekly, depending on an initial contract or the frequency of your meeting.

If you are looking to pay your bills through your sugar daddy, then it is advisable that you settle for the periodic payment option. It is not only more reliable but also a great way to maintain yourself and improve your lifestyle.

Now that you have chosen a preferred payment type, let’s look at the easiest and most-convenient exchange methods for both parties;

  1. Cash - Cash is perhaps the best option on the list considering the convenience it offers. However, if you are the type that gets paid handsomely, you may have issues with justifying your income on paper. Likewise, some people find it awkward or less professional to receive cash as payment for their sugar baby services.

  2. PayPal or Similar Sites - There are several online payment processing websites that you can use. Although you cannot receive more than 200 payments with PayPal in a year, chances are you will not get up to that. You can also get a debit card to access and spend your funds with these platforms.

  3. Prepaid Cards - Here is another popular option that allows you to keep all your money close. Thus you can pay for all bills at anytime and anywhere. However, you must keep your card safe to avoid problems.

  4. Direct Bill Payment - Some sugar daddies ‘pay’ you by settling all your monthly bill from their end. This may include, but not limited to, your internet, rent, and grocery. Although this still puts you considerably in charge, issues may arise if your sugar daddy demands justifications for your proposed expenses.

  5. Bank Transfers - All you need to do if you are using this option is to provide your sugar daddy with your bank account information. Then he sends money in regularly. While this is simple and secure, there may be issues when you are filing taxes at the end of the year.